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Англ.4 вариант 4 (Код: Англ.4)

1. Прочтите и переведите текст:

The theatre is mainly concentrated in London, where there are at least forty theatres functioning, and a successful play can continue to be shown for many months or even years. Outside London a few large towns have theatres in which are performed, generally for one week at a time, plays which take a trial run before opening in London.
Orchestral concerts are given regularly in London by several first-class orchestras which are based there. The largest provincial centers also maintain permanent orchestras, which give regular concerts. Seasons of opera are performed at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, in central London, and also of ballet by the Royal Ballet, “Festivals” of the arts take place in several towns, of which the best known is the annual International Festival of Music and Drama in Edinburgh.

From about 1930 until very recent times the cinema became very popular in Britain. More recently the rapid spread of television has brought a great change. In 1946 the average British person went to the cinema forty times in the year, but by 1966 the figure had fallen to six, and 1,500 cinemas were closed. Most films shown are from Hollywood, but some British films have won great international success. French and other foreign language films are usually shown with English sub-titles.
                            (From “Life in Modern Britain”)

II. Ответьте на вопросы:
1.    Where is the theatre concentrated? 
2.    Where are plays performed except London? 
3.    What kind of orchestras gave their concerts in London? 
4.    When did the cinema become very popular? 
5.    Why were 1,500 cinemas closed?

III. Написать 3 формы глаголов.
to found, to like, to create, to concentrate, to act

IV. Перевести предложения на русский язык. Выписать глагол и определить его грамматическое время по таблице.
1.    The students took the books in economics in the library.
2.    I like to see all the performances at the local theatre.
3.    Many people will watch this program on TV in the evening.
4.    He is making complex experiments in the laboratory now.
5.    My sister will be translating the article the whole day.
6.    The old woman has lost the spectacles. 
7.    We shall have written the composition by evening.

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